After the summer break, Michele is very concentrated to face the final challenge for the leadership of the International GT Open, the championship in which he is the leader, together with his team-mate of Vincenzo Sospiri Racing, Frederik Schandorff. At the Red Bull Ring the Lamborghini Huracan # 63 will be the car to beat and no distractions will be allowed.

The final sprint of the International GT Open will go on stage on the fast 4,318 meters of the Styria track. The spectacular ups and downs, already site of two F1 Grand Prixes this season, will see Beretta and Shandorf’s Lamborghini Huracan join the fray as championship leader.
In the first part of the season Michele had a leading role, being able to win three races, Paul Ricard, Spa and Imola and climb the podium as many times. This formidable sequence of results will force the Lamborghini # 63 to race since race-1 with a time penalty, as required by the regulations.

The advantage that Michele and his partner have on their direct rival, Souseck, is only 5 points and this requires the utmost attention to every detail and invites everyone to pay attention to any particular.

Also at the Red Bull we will start with a “weight” of seconds to serve in race-1. The regulation imposes penalties in time to those who win and get on the podium and we, fortunately, serve lots of seconds. Racing with seconds to serve is always difficult because you would like to attack thinking only of the race, but the rules are like this and we must think about the placings first of all, making strategies depending on this.

Michele knows very well that every point will be important to decide the result of the championship.
With a ranking that has always the same drivers in the top positions, the challenge for the title will be very tight, just look at how close we are, after five races. We will have to be very fast in qualifying, so that we can take advantage of starting from the front, being able to set up our pace before the break, when we will serve the time penalty.

As always, there will be live coverage of the two Austrian races in live streaming. In Italy, the thematic channel MS MotorTV / Sky 228 will broadcast dedicated services.