5,793 meters each lap, for 3 hours of battles: this is the challenge that awaits Michele Beretta and Andrea Piccini, together the german team mate Luca Stolz, on Monza circuit next weekend for the first round of 2016 Blancpain Endurance Series. On the fastest circuit of the season, the Grasser Racing team trio is called to an important result after the positive test completed on the same venue on month ago, and especially after the victory conquered last year by austrian team with the same car, the Lamborghini Huracan GT3. With over 50 cars on the grid, the challenge on their home track promises to be very hard for Beretta and Piccini, who may also be affected by the changeable weather over the weekend.

Michele Beretta: “We come from a not so positive experience in Misano, our targets were much higher there despite the win in Silver Cup. Although Monza might be unknown because the conditions will be quite different compared to winter testing, and also the forecast in not so good for Saturday. In any case we are ready and we want to get top result in front of our friends and fans, it would be fantastic. For sure we start from a good base considering the win that the team has got here last year, but now our opponents are much more aggressive compared to 2015: Mercedes, Ferrari and Audi have shown, in the first Sprint race at Misano, a very good performance that we can not slight.

Andrea Piccini: “After some winter tests, also for me it’s time to to get back in the race. We have seen our car has a   good potential in Monza but we will verify the real value of Huracan GT3 only from the free practice, with over 50 cars on track in the same time. Audi and Mercedes have proven to be very quick in Misano and they will be our hardest opponents for sure, but we have to consider also Bentley and Ferrari. Monza, with its long straights and hard braking, is very different from Misano that has medium-slow corners, so we hope to be able to find a good setup in order to close the gap seen in the first race of Sprint Series; the variables conditions for the entire weekend will make all more difficult, but we are ready to fight in any way.