Strong race pace and a great recovery for a result in the Top 10 have been useless due to a crash in the final minutes of the race. For Michele Beretta and Andrea Piccini the opening round of Blancpain Endurance Series in Monza was not so good; a shame because the Grasser Racing trio was able to bring the green Lamborghini #19 from the thirty-seventh place conquered in qualifying (with over 35 cars packed in 1 second) until the seventh. A drive-through received in the last hour of the race due to overtake with yellow flags downgraded the Huracan GT3 in fourteenth place; after that, Andrea was hit by Albert Costa and his Jaguar that forced Piccini to stop the car, losing a final result in the Top 10.

Michele Beretta: “Monza has been so much tricky than expected. Needless to say, we wanted a very different result, but penalty and the following crash put us out of the game. That’s a big shame because in the race we did a very good job, with a great pace and many overtakes, we have lost for sure a final Top 10 place. Next rounds are in UK, Brands Hatch for the Sprint series and then Silverstone for three hours race, two tracks that can be positive for the Huracan GT3.

Andrea Piccini: “With more than 30 cars packed in one second, it is synonymous of the great competitiveness that we have in the series, you need to push at 110% everytime. In qualify, the Balance of Performance brought all Lamborghini GT3s out of the first twenty places. In the race, we did a great job thanks to Luca, who started very well, perfect pit stops, good performance shown by Michele to keep the car in the Top 10. The drive-through cut our target to finish in the same position, dropping us down to fourteenth. When I came back on track, I had to fight for 15 laps with Albert Costa’s Jaguar; it was hard because the BOP made the english car so fast on the straights and how I could pull it off in a corner, at every braking I found it on my side. At the end, the Jaguar hit me in the first chiacane spinning out. Such a shame because with our performance we had everything to finish in the Top 10.