The second round of the ADAC GT Masters 2019 has left a bit of a bitter taste in Michele Beretta: the young driver from Lecco – who shares the cockpit of a Huracan GT3 EVO with Marco Mapelli in the german series – came close to the Top 10 both in qualifying and races without being able to collect points nor that podium that seemed really close at hand. A weekend in which the Beretta-Mapelli duo had an excellent race pace and had already proved in free practice to be able to make good use of the tire for the qualifying lap. Unfortunately, nothing has turned in the right direction: first, a penalty for too short pit-stop in Race 1 (0″080), then a problem with the ABS in the second qualy that relegated them as 21st in the starting grid and forced to make a great comeback in race.

Michele Beretta: “It wasn’t an easy weekend. In Race 1, when we were launched in comeback towards the podium with a clear faster pace than our opponents, we got a drive-through for leaving the pits few cents earlier. In Race 2 a problem with the ABS conditioned Marco’s performance in qualifying and, despite the good comeback in the race, we touched the points zone but nothing more. We are in any case aware of having a competitive car, of having found the right harmony between us and the team and of having the potential to fight for the top positions and this makes us look to the next races not only with optimism, but impatiently. We look forward to Red Bull Ring.