The 2019 VLN program for Michele Beretta ended in the best way, as a winner: the young italian driver, at his third appearance on the Nordschleife behind the wheel of the Phoenix Racing Audi R8 LMS GT3, got the win in SP9 Pro-Am class and 4th place overall (among over 100 cars at the start) together with teammates Steve Jans and Kim-Luis Schramm, in what was, indeed, the last event of the season (44. DMV Münsterlandpokal).
A more than positive end, after a not easy race (4 hours), where the #9 Audi lost some importants seconds after a run-off in the gravel then with the traffic jam among the slower cars, nothing so serious anyway for the trio Beretta-Jans-Schramm, who beaten the direct opponents with a final gap close to 2′ behind the overall winners (tEngel-Assenheimer).

Michele Beretta: “I’m very happy about this final chapter in VLN this year: with Phoenix Racing we reached all targets, working very well. As for me, I really achieved a good feeling with the R8 LMS GT3 and with this very difficult circuit, which will undoubtedly be important if some opportunities will be there in the future. In this last race, we could perhaps step up on the overall podium but the final result is excellent anyway; from my side, I still have to improve a little bit the skills during the overtakes, specially against slower cars, but this can be only achieved completing thousands kilometers on the Nordschleife. I thank the team and my teammates for the experience, as well as the sponsors who allowed me to complete another important step of my career.