They finished close to the Top 10: the whole italian team composed by Michele Beretta, Andrea Piccini and Stefano Gattuso was the best among the Lamborghini in Spa 24 Hours race with its 14th place. The Huracan GT3 field by Ombra Racing started as forty-eighth box (with over 60 cars) but a first contact with another car drop it in the back and then, just after midnight, a problem with the fuel pump costs them 4 laps. Once the problem was fixed, the three italians started the recovery to catch the Top 30 before the sunrise; thanks to the thunderstorm, the strategy was changed quickly choising to stay out with slick tyres, and this allowed Ombra Racing trio to gain several positions in such difficult conditions, matching the Top 20. In the second half of the race, thanks to a perfect car and strategy, together a very good race pace, Beretta-Piccini-Gattuso got the chequered flag as 14th.

Andrea Piccini: “It has been a so tight 24 Hours race! After few hours the race seemed compromised, but with Michele and Stefano we gave 110%, returning to the Top 20 overnight. We did not have the pace of the first cars, but we were still fast and we could have a steady pace during all stints. None of us made any mistakes and the team has been able to manage race and strategy. We missed the target but we were in any case the best of the Lamborghini at the finish.

Michele Beretta: “The first target in this kind of race is to see the chequered flag. Unfortunately, in the first hours we lost several laps and although we always pushed for the most, we were too late to enter the points area. After the initial problem the car was impeccable and this, along with excellent teamwork, allowed us to achieve the 14th place which is undoubtedly a good result for a team that counts only two 24 Hours in Spa.