Hard race for Michele Beretta, Andrea Piccini and Luca Stolz in Silverstone for the second round of Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup: just out from the Top 20 in qualify, the race of Grasser Racing drivers became nightmare during the dìfirst lap when, after a great start performed by Michele Beretta, he have been pushed out by #23 Nissan GTR. The young driver from Lecco, after a spin, restarted from the back of the field, dropping down in fifty place. With a good race pace and perfect overtakes, Michele Beretta brought the #19 Lamborghini Huracan GT3 until the thirtieth position. Two excellent pit stops and a good central part of race by his team mate Luca Stolz, set the green italian race car in twenty-second place. In the last stint, Andrea Piccini could catch up the Top 20, but the Safety Car entrance nullified any chance of further recovery, pulling the expert italian driver far away to any chanche to meet the Top 20.

Michele Beretta: “For sure our expectations in Silverstone were higher that what we lived: we are not still able to use in the best way both car and tires in qualify. In add, the crash during the first lap put us in a difficult situation. We have to work in many sectors in order to close the gap and for this reason we are planning other tast days in the next week.

Andrea Piccini: “Unfortunately our race started in the worst way. Anyway Michele and Luca did a great job as well as the team, with a perfect strategy and very quick pit stop. When I went up for the last stint, we were stuck behind the safety car and this did not allow us to gain further positions, despite the pace was very good. After a difficult qualifying, where we struggled to exploit the maximum performance from the tires, we found a good race set-up that makes us very hopeful for the next events. Especially in the ned, we had a Top 5 pace but the first two cars, Mercedes and Audi, were simply too fast for us.